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Saturday, November 12, 2011

keep your EYES on the road!

See the pictures below? Bizarre!! Well, that is something i don't see everyday. Heee... How'd it happen? Like always, minding my own business driving to the town suddenly, i saw couple of people crowding at the side of the road. I was curious at that time (normally i dont even give a shit! heee), so i parked my car a bit further and ran to the "crime" scene to take a peek on what was goin' on.

To my surprise, there it was, a tractor embedded in the trench and to make me more curious, how could a huge machinery like that plunged into the trench? I cocked an ear amongst the crowd and i learned that the incident happened for no reason at all. Witnesses said the road was clear that day but the driver drove to the side, went off road and straight in the trench. Quite a mishap dont u think so? heeee... Maybe some of us need to learn how to drive, or maybe too, some of us need to learn to keep the eyes on the road while handling heavy machinery.. And so they said.... :P

Publisher: E Jay - 11/12/2011 09:50:00 AM

We see what we wanna see

How strange it is when people can see some images by looking at certain objects, take the moon for example. At times, when we look at things like the clouds, moon etc, we tend to resemble with some images interpreted by the mind. Funny tho the irony, sometimes we see what the eyes want us to see, but the brain interprets what it wants us to believe.. Haaaha... How many of us happen to feel that way?

Late lastnight, while i was in ESSO filling up the petrol, i overheard people saying something about the images they saw on the moon. It so happened that i brought along a camera with me, and in a jiffy, i snapped a picture of the moon and tried to interpret what the hell were those people saying when they said there was an image on the surface of the moon.. Can somebody tell me what u see in the pictures? I overheard them saying there was an image of a dragon... Is it?  *ponder*
Late night

Before dusk

Just what do u see?  :)
Publisher: E Jay - 11/12/2011 02:14:00 AM