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My Band - Jiggy Pop Nightfall

Form  in  2003, when former school friends E.J(vocals,Guitar) and  Am (Bass) joined forces with Boy(Drum). Their first independent release, "Should I(wait for you)" slams and howls with  potent  tunes  that  flaunt influence from local Pop Rock Bands. Laden with thick rolling riffs and big bellowed choruses, the sound is both mellow and melodic hoping to nest comfortably in your ears. :)

Whilst most of the songs recorded independently in their own studio, they have the vision to produce songs based on their ideas and expression thus dodging the prejudicial minds of saying that Indie Music is insupportable. Browse the play list for their songs or visit Jiggy Pop Nightfall to purchase their mp3 or CD.

Visit their Official Website at Jiggy Pop Nightfall.


They are:- 

E.J - Vocal/Guitar

Am - Bass
Boy - Drum

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